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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mangold’s M&A advisors offer specialist expertise in both private and public company transactions, such as valuations, acquisitions, mergers and sales of companies or their assets.

Mangold Mergers & Acquisitions

We address those of you who have built a successful company and are considering the next step, whether it be through acquisitions, mergers, or a sale. We are generalists and assess all business opportunities for you and your company. Our team manages and tailors the process to each client’s unique needs, aiming to build strong trust and assurance throughout the entire process.

International Adviser Network – Pandea Global M&A

Mangold is a member of Pandea Global M&A, a network of selected M&A advisors in 33 countries worldwide. The network provides members with access to each other’s networks of buyers and sellers around the globe.

Pandea is one of the largest M&A networks in Europe in terms of the number of completed deals in 2022, with a total of 185 transactions on the continent and 238 globally. For more information about Pandea, please visit

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