In order for you, as a customer, to be able to take advantage of our services and offers, Mangold needs to collect and process certain data about you. 

This page shows how Mangold processes, protects and is responsible for the data we receive. As part of this policy, we will explain Mangold’s principles for personal data processing – why we need to process personal data, and on what legal basis the gathering of the data rests. Mangold does this in order to comply with current regulations in the area, but primarily so that you ,as a customer, can feel safe with us.

Before each new occasion involving the processing of personal data, you, as a customer, will also receive additional information from Mangold and its subsidiaries about the specific processing taking place. 

GDPR – General Information

GDPR – General information

What is personal data?

Personal data is all information that may be directly or indirectly linked to a living person. It can be anything from a social security number, name and address, to information such as IP address, custodian account number, or recorded calls. What is important is that it is information that can be linked to you as a person. 

Processing of personal data

Processing of personal data involves a measure or a combination of measures concerning personal data. The processing could include the gathering, storage, use, reading or deletion of personal data.

Mangold’s processing of your personal data will always follow the current principles that apply to the processing of personal data; including that it takes place in a legal, correct, transparent and appropriate manner, and as safely as possible.

Who we gather data on

Mangold samlar in information om dig som redan är kund eller vill bli det. Mangold samlar även in information om personer, som i egenskap av borgensman, fullmaktsgivare- samt havare, företrädare, inbetalare eller pantsättare ingår ett avtal med Mangold eller på annat sätt kommer i kontakt med oss.

How we gather the data

The data stored and processed at Mangold is generally provided by you and comes from agreements or expressions of interest. Such data can be a name, social security number, contact information and financial circumstances. Mangold can also gather identity documentation; for example, copies of passports, driving licenses, or other documentation in order to prove your identity. 

Communication via e-mail or incoming phone calls may also be saved or recorded. 

In addition to the data we receive from you, we may gather information from external players in order to complete our assignments. Such information can be obtained from the state personal address register and credit information companies, as well as through international sanction lists, to prevent us as a financial institution from being used for money laundering and other criminal activities.

Camera surveillance

Camera surveillance is in place in Mangold’s premises. We have clear signage that the premises are monitored. Camera surveillance is primarily conducted for crime prevention purposes. 

Recordings from the camera surveillance are normally saved for 30 days.

Legal basis

We process your personal data only when needed and with legal support. The most common reasons for us processing your data are when we have to prepare, administer and document agreements, verify identity, protect legal interests or other legal obligations, such as money laundering legislation and accounting legislation. Obtaining your consent may also be the basis for the processing of personal data.

Storage time

Mangold does not store personal data longer than necessary, with regard to the purpose of the processing. The personal data is stored for as long as the contractual relationship lasts, and for a maximum of 10 years thereafter. In some cases, however, the data may be stored for longer or shorter periods due to regulatory requirements (seven years for accounting, or five years for money laundering).

Security measures

Mangold protects your personal privacy and has clear internal guidelines for how personal data shall be processed and protected. Mangold takes the necessary security measures, both technical and organisational, to ensure that your personal data is protected against destruction, unauthorised disclosure, unauthorised access, loss, or alteration. 

Who has access to the data

As a general rule, no one outside the Mangold Group will have access to the data provided. In the event that information is provided to an external party (for example, Mobile BankID), it is mainly for the purpose of fulfilling agreements entered into. 

Transfer to a third country

A third country is a country outside the EU and EEA.

As a rule, Mangold will not transfer any personal data to third countries. In cases where this is necessary, Mangold will inform you about this and obtain consent before this can take place.

Responsibility for personal data

Mangold is responsible for personal data. Mangold also has a Data Protection Officer who, in their role, is independent of the company and will strive for compliance with regulations. If you want to receive information on what personal data is processed about you by Mangold, you can request this in writing by sending a letter to the address below. You can also contact this address if you have any questions or want to request a correction of incorrect or misleading information: 

Mangold Fondkommission AB

P.O. Box 55691
102 15 Stockholm


Should you have views on our handling of your personal data, you can contact the Privacy Protection Authority (Swedish: IMY). There, you can also read more about the new regulation and get answers to many questions about the new rules,

Responsibility for personal data

Mangold Fondkommission AB is responsible for personal data. If you want to receive information on what personal information about you is processed by Mangold, you can request this in writing by sending a letter to the address below. You can also contact this address if you want to request a correction of incorrect or misleading information. 

Mangold Fondkommission AB

P. O. Box 55691
102 15 Stockholm