Claims and complaints

Claims and complaints

At Mangold, we are constantly working to expand our services. Therefore, it is important that you contact us and express your views if you, as a customer, were to be dissatisfied.

Please make initial contact with your adviser or the department within Mangold that has dealt of your case. If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive, you may then contact Mangold’s Complaints Manager, who will investigate and re-examine the case. 

Describe your case in writing, including what you think has gone wrong and who has dealt with your case. Please also detail any claims or actions you wish Mangold to take.

Complaints shall be addressed to:

Mangold Fondkommission AB

F.A.O.: Complaints Manager
P.O. Box 55691
102 15 Stockholm

Mangold endeavours to handle complaint cases quickly, efficiently and diligently. You, as a customer, will receive a written response within ten working days. If the investigation requires more time, you will be informed about the handling of the complaint and when a decision in the case can be expected. 

If you wish to discuss a complaint case with someone outside Mangold, you can contact the Swedish Consumers’ Banking and Finance Bureau, Consumers’ Insurance Bureau, or the Consumers’ Guidance in your municipality for free advice. You may also have a complaint examined by an outsider by contacting the Swedish General Complaints Board and the general court.