Offer to convert ATARI SA Swedish depository receipts to shares in ATARI SA

This conversion offer is for equity holders in ATARI SA, Swedish depository receipts, ISIN SE0012481232 ATARI SA (”SDR”), who would like to convert their shares registered in Euroclear to shares in ATARI SA, ISIN FR0010478248.


To convert your ATARI SA SDR, ISIN SE0012481232 to shares in ATARI SA, ISIN FR0010478248, please fill in and send your form to

You can choose to fill in the Conversion Form by hand by following the link to the right, or you can fill in a interactive version of the PDF found under downloadable content.

ATARI SA logotyp
  • IssuerATARI SA
  • Conversion Period June 24 - Until further notice