Resqunit AB: RESQUNIT AB Announces Project in Collaboration with NTNU, Funded by the Norwegian Retailers Environmental Fund

Stockholm - June 20, 2024 - RESQUNIT AB (NASDAQ: RESQ): Resqunit in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), announces the award of a 2 million NOK project funding from the Norwegian Retailers Environmental Fund. This funding will support a comprehensive two-year comparative study on fishing gear efficiency and the environmental impact of Resqunit technology.

The project aims to scientifically document the environmental effects and impact data of Resqunit technology, focusing on its potential to reduce the loss of fishing gear in the ocean. Additionally, the study will evaluate the catch rates of new fishing trap technology from Proffteiner, assessing its capability to decrease the number of traps in the ocean.

This initiative represents the first project of its kind globally, underscoring Resqunit's commitment to advancing sustainable fishing practices and reducing marine pollution, through innovation.